R1 accessories?

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Olivier Vanbiervliet Regular Member • Posts: 201
R1 accessories?

I want to buy the R1, and this is the list of what I would like to order. Can anyone recommend things that I forgot, or alternatives for these items?
ps: the prices are without taxes

  • Sony Cybershot DSC-R1 (€ 639,66)

  • Sony VF 67ND greyfilter (€ 55,09) (really necessary?)

  • Lowepro Slingshot 100 AW (€ 62,50)

  • SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Extreme III 2GB (€ 137,93)

  • Sony RM-DR 1 Cable Remote (€ 56,47)

Maybe I should get a smaller bag also? Can anyone recommend the FHA from Sony, or preferably a model from Lowepro?

Would a UV-filter be necessary, maybe more so than the ND-filter?

I've also been thinking about a 4Gb MS, because I intend to use RAW, but then again: a 2Gb gives about 80 RAW shots and this stick is faster than the 4Gb Ultra II. Most of the time I have my notebook with me.

I'm still in doubt about an external flash, but I posted to a different thread about using my Minolta 5400HS flash. I can always get the HFL32 later I suppose.

Thanks for any ideas or tips!

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