30d signals the death of 1.3x ?

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Re: Thanks Paul.

ioannis wrote:

Well thanks for the input and the insight Paul.

I have a few questions I d like to ask and I d appreciate if you
wrote anything you knew about the following issues.

1) Sensor yield. Both you and Phil have overtly implied that the 5D
sensor is cheaper and easier to manufacture than the 1DsII sensor.
Is that because of the difference in MPs ? or simply the quality of
the sensor and in whcih terms ?

Proberbly because they have been making them for a while now and can do it easily at 12mp .... I know the 1Ds Mk II chiops have a much lower yield at first but now are fine.

2) Full color pixels. You hinted an EOS ONE model a while back, any
news from that ? Or are these two unrelated ?

I believe that is in development still but we will not being seeing it for some time.

3) Higher end body for a 50D ? With a different sensor or a simply
a different improved body ? How about the suggestion that all Canon
dSLRs other than the cheapest on will eventually have a FF sensor.

They had a 1.6x camera with a significently higher pixel count some time ago what becomes of it ...your guess is as good as mine

Finally, for the last years, CPU evolution has been predictable so
the roadmaps Intel and AMD produce are not major breakthroughs.
Could it be that the digital photography field is too immature for
producing roadmaps ?

Proberbly but more likely the camera manufactuers just don't get it !


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