Event photography - my first experience

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Re: Event photography - my first experience


No worries. I used the Event Desiree software with my last event for the promo cards. I lashed it up to a HITI631ps. These were 4x6 cards in white presentation envelopes. I liked it. I had originally planned on having my lab do the promo cards, but (dumb me) sent the template to them as a 5x7. so they dutifully printed all of these nice cards 5x7 which was larger than the presentation folders I had purchased. I already had print stock for the so I sent batchem them through ED and to the 631. It worked ok. The hiti prints are not quite as good as the lab prints, but were ok. Funny thing is that I cannot find on the website where you actually purchase the software.

I did the event two weeks ago. It had about 150 people and I tried a different approach. Most people I see at events sell the promo event cards for $10-15 dollars delivered onsite. I thought that left money on the table.($1000-1500 max if everyone bought something) I do churches mostly so I used ozeware's church software for the event. I sold packages that ranged from $25-$100. I averaged 50.05 per individual sold for the event. The coordinators did a terrible marketing so I got to photograph 55 couples, but it worked out ok. 2750 for the night cost about $300 in processing, shipping, and paying for one addtional salesperson.

The other reason I wanted to ship was that I wanted the addresses for the people after it was all over. Good database material for a spring family portrait flyer.

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