My review of Giottos MT9180 tripod and MH1001 ball head.

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Re: That is a good idea

brobar wrote:

The only downside I could see is not being able to use the built in 3-way
head with just the camera attached and without the additional head
screwed on to the top of it (which for me adds about 4 inches of
height)... but how many times would you really want to do that
anyways? I can't see too many scenarios where you would need to do


I'm not at all sure what you mean Brock. There is no 'built-in' three way head, just a solid flat plate fixed to the centre column??. All we are doing is swapping the bolt that we screw our ball and socket/pan and tilt heads onto. These are usually 3/8th thread, or should be ;-). Why on earth would you want to mount the camera direct to the tripod without a proper mount??

The centre column unscrews from the tripod mount after releasing a small allen bolt, key provided. Inside the tripod mount is a screw threaded locking plate slotted for a standard screwdriver, remove this and the crappy 1/4"&3/8" bolt assembly drops out with a slight tap. You will really see just how cheap and nasty that vital part is!. Find a high tensile or stainless steel 3/8" bolt of the same length (I made mine approx 1/4" longer as my manfrotto b&s head would take it) and drop it in. Replace the locking plate and remount to the centre column. Place ball and socket/other type mount onto the new bolt and remember to lock the three allen bolts on the base to stop it turning. Replace into tripod and.............well thats it!.

It is really bad practice to mount the camera direct to the tripod, imho.

The point of my rant on this is that the replacement is sooooo easy to to do, why don't they just supply a seperate bolt for each size?. Is that so expensive!!


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