Epson 1270 And Windows XP

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Re: Epson 1270 And Windows XP

Hmmmmmmm thought it was just me! I upgraded to XP and my Photo 750 would not work at all. After MUCH messing around it would work off and on BUT the XP driver is pathetic!!!!

I am so upset at Epson! I contacted tech and they were no help....just said my printer would work. I d/loaded the win2000 driver and got back all the options I had lost but XP still refused to recognize the printer at times GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

My solution and maybe one you can use was to dual boot. I fdisked my 30G drive. The primary partition is 5G and has Win98se on it. The second 25G partition is my "main" operating system and has XP on it. When I need to use my color printer with all the options the pre-XP driver has, I boot into Win98se. I recently bought a new 5 MP camera and certainly do not want to print photos looking like they came from a 1.3 MP camera. Thats what I was getting with the crappy driver Epson provided for XP!!

What a pain in the & &* this was. As I see it, all because Epson has crappy driver support for XP!! It will be awhile before I loose the bad taste I have for Epson support, LOVE the printers though.

If anyone from Epson is reading this PLEASE update your drivers for XP!! Geeeeeeeezzzzzzz.........not that it hasn't been around for awhile?


WBill wrote:
You can make either driver the default driver or printer-control
panal-printers and faxes.
Or you can chose the printer from the drop-down list while you are
setting up the print job.
I forgot to mention that my 1270 is connected to the parallel port
and not to a USB, wonder if that has any thing to do with my
printer being so slow? But it worked just great with WIN ME on the
parallel port.

fbx wrote:

pardon me for butting in, but i just installed XP and was having no
trouble with the Epson 1270. But I was unable to check the volume
of inks, so I went and got the Epson Win2000/XP driver and the
Epson Print Monitor from the Epson site. Still works fine but it's
giving be some odd things on size. For example, seems as it CANNOT
print and 8x10 on letter size paper as it says max width is 9.90".

Also, how do oyu tell which driver is loading, the Epson or the MS?

THanks for your advise--


Erik Bailey wrote:
I've been a beta tester for XP since Beta2, and have experienced
exactly the same problem (it began with RC1). In fact, I logged
this as a bug in XP, but it was closed by MS as "functions as

Here's what I have learned:
1) There is no way to prevent XP from loading the MS driver. Even
if you remove it, it just adds it right back again.
2) You can install the Epson Windows 2000 driver on XP and it works
just fine (it will be in addition to the MS driver). Just make
sure you select the Epson driver and not the MS driver when you
print (I actually renamed the MS driver to help me remember this).
3) The MS driver not only has inferior image quality, but it also
will not allow you to create or use the Custom profiles. I have
custom profiles set for Photo, Matte, and Premium Glossy, and I was
very unhappy to not be able to access these. Again, MS says "this
works correctly."

So - bottom line - go to, download and install the
Win2000 driver, and just use that and ignore the XP driver, and
you'll be back in business. Hope this helps!!!

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WBill wrote:

I have just loaded Windows XP on my computer. I was using ME berore.
I have also downloaded Epson driver for my 1270 that is suppose to
work with XP.
I have tried everything I know to get the Epson driver to work, but
XP keeps loading the Mirosoft driver for the printer.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Bill

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