My review of Giottos MT9180 tripod and MH1001 ball head.

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Re: 1 Year On........

Hi Denis,

I just took mine apart and I see exactly what you mean. I do not (nor ever will) need the 1/4 inch threads so I am going to replace that whole assembly with a steel 3/8 bolt. Thank you VERY MUCH for the heads up!!! (I love this forum!)

As for the sholder pad/strap, no big deal for me as I won't be hiking much with it...but again I will kep an eye out.

I will also keep an eye out on the leg bolt but I do not think it will be a problem on mine...we will see

Thanks again!

denisg wrote:

........and all is not roses. The shoulder pad that slides on the
strap is a disgrace and the stitching comes apart very quickly.
Mine fell off after only a couple of outings and others have
reported similar. The legs that lock in any position don't unless
you constantly address the bolts on the back of the locking tabs
which you shouldn't have to do. MUCH more seriously though is the
pathetic excuse for a head mounting bolt. That is a serious
engineering spec error and completely mocks the supposed load
weight. It is so weak that long lens work has to be looked at very
carefully. If, like myself and a few others you like to mount
camera and lens to the tripod and carry the whole thing ready to
use over your shoulder, don't do it with this tripod. At least make
sure if you do that you are still holding the camera strap. The
bolt just shears and off falls the camera/lens assembly. Ouch!!. I
stupidly recommended one to a friend and it nearly cost our
friendship and his S3 Pro + 500 lens.

The problem is the bolt caters for both 3/8" and 1/4" heads and the
wall thickness of the 3/8" section is too thin. They should have
supplied two seperate bolts, solid steel.

Having said that, properly set up, there is very little you can't
do with the thing and I have used mine in some strange places. It
takes a bit of getting used to but even with the faults above I
wouldn't part with mine. I just wish they had engineered it better
even at a higher price.

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