what do you charge ($$$) for photography??

Started Feb 16, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Here are some general ideas

centralcoastmagazine wrote:

If a skilled craftsman is $30 per hour in your area, then
a skilled craft with equipment/studio space would be that ratio above a
labor only wage. A pro has overhead of insurance, rent, equipment etc
to maintain plus there is built in time for post processing etc
that is hard to charge per hour but much be in a 'sitting fee'
as one example.

I'm not sure I get your analogy. Are you suggesting that a self-employed carpenter or mechanic doesn't have overhead of insurance, rent, equipment etc.? (OK, maybe a carpenter doesn't have rent, but still...) But I will give you that a very talented photographer is a different breed than a skilled mechanic or carpenter.

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