what do you charge ($$$) for photography??

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Here are some general ideas

i'm an amateur - i shoot because i love it. but, i'm finding folks
asking for rates, and would like some direction.
-if anyone out there charges an hourly, approximately what is it?

Freelance rates for pros might be 3-5 times the living wage in your area
for skilled craft. If a skilled craftsman is $30 per your in your area, then
a skilled craft with equipment/studio space would be that ratio above a
labor only wage. A pro has overhead of insurance, rent, equipment etc
to maintain plus there is built in time for post processing etc that is hard
to charge per hour but much be in a 'sitting fee' as one example.

-how about per project? (like an all day event?)

These are subject to day or half day rates. Day rates are a combo of hourly

plus time and materials extra to the job. Travel, hotels, assistants, or any other
cost has to be added into the charge.

-or event photography (evening event)
-for set photography (movie filming/set work)?

See above....

-per CD of prints?
-per photo? 4x6s, 5x7s, 8x10s, 11x14s

Search local prices in your town. This is an easy search.

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