what do you charge ($$$) for photography??

Started Feb 16, 2006 | Discussions thread
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liustephen Regular Member • Posts: 305
what do you charge ($$$) for photography??

hi all,

VERY VERY VERY open question, which i know has a tremendous number of variables. just looking for some ranges.

i'm an amateur - i shoot because i love it. but, i'm finding folks asking for rates, and would like some direction.
-if anyone out there charges an hourly, approximately what is it?
-how about per project? (like an all day event?)
-or event photography (evening event)
-for set photography (movie filming/set work)?
-per CD of prints?
-per photo? 4x6s, 5x7s, 8x10s, 11x14s

thanks in advance to those who share. and yes, again, i know this is a very open question.
thank you,


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