Storm Jacket Rain Covers

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will baillieu Contributing Member • Posts: 884
Re: Storm Jacket Rain Covers

OneTraveler wrote:

Well, I can's speak for being a walking logo (i imagine a number of
those complaining are the same ones that won't buy an L lens
"because it's white"),

I am sure they are effective covers, but the logo is a definite turn off. It would be like having a camera case with CAMERA CASE printed on the side.

I do have white lenses actually, but they don't have WHITE LENS printed on the side in huge letters. I like them white because it is very hot and sunny here in Australia. White equipment reflects radient heat away, which may otherwise interfere with the precision alignment of the CF elements.
I agree with Brian...if they want me to advertise for them, they should pay me.
Will B

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