Good way to mask her hair?

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Hope you don't mind a little play Carrie: Highpass Pencil technique.

Hey Carrie,

I've been experimenting, on and off, with Highpass filter pencil sketch for a couple of months now, but was not happy with the results. But I just found the missing link and am now quite happy with it. The step that eluded me was to super-sharpen the hair. After that, I applied highpass filter. Used the color pencil and created a new fill layer. Inverted that color layer and set to Color Dodge. Flatten. Use color picker again and pick the darkest color shown and create another fill color layer with it. Invert that color and set to Color Burn (I did use GIMP for all the above, so substitute Color Dodge with Divide; you can skit the invert color step doing this; yes, GIMP's still my crutch). I then added a little flair by duplicating and applied Impressionist Detailed Color Pencil with a modification to the placement setting (used on Grid instead of Random and lowered the placement setting to 4 px). I then did some selective erasesing (base shown through) for cleanup. Afterwards, I desaturated and you see the result. Hope you all like.

Image hosted free thanks to ImageShack ( ).

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