Canon Camera (ab)use

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Canon Camera (ab)use

I thought I'd post something perhaps new here. My abused S300 and a story how it gets here.

Bought in 2001 for what would buy a kit SLR it was my first DC, its gone with me almost always until this summer (s70). It does however give me a benchmark on reliability. It has:

1. probably in excess of 120,000 pics, mostly done in extreme conditions in our coastal mountains

2. been dropped more times than I care to mention including a slinky like tumble down 5 concrete steps.

3 fell with me down an embankment (while on), putting the lens off on a 5 degree angle for which I had to snap it back into position. (there is a big dimple on the bezel where it landed.

4. been so wet with rain that the pictures were all fog

5. taken apart by me to fix the intermittant switch (wheel) with control cleaner.

6. gone through 5 batteries, two still work.

7. held together by duck tape where the screws used to be.

8. sometimes the case needs a good push to snap it back into position (see 7)

9. Zoom buttons broke in half about a year ago, black tape held them working until the little buttons below cracked (now no zoom but will work on a fix)

10. Painted black (hated blinding reflections) but now peeling.

11.Leaf lens cover stuck, fixed with a little cleaning and lubricant

12. Viewfinder full of lint and dirt (I Like this feature as it reduced the possibility of eye damage from the sun).

Amongst other things.

It does however still take good pictures which have a dynamic range to kill for, no bad pixels or other nasties have marred the output. So I bought another (metal s70) Canon and am up to 45,000 pictures (mostly mountains).

Hopefully the new crop will be as rugged as this venerable old S300!

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