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New Minolta User

...Minolta is "dead", but the cameras aren't yet and so there are even new Minolta owners like me.

After considering the A200 and FZ30 I've been talked into buying a second-hand A1 (and wideangle converter) on Saturday...
So far I'm quite satisfied with the camera, I especially like:
+)Manual focusing (was surprised how good it works)
+)accurate and fast Autofocus
....everything in comparison to the Olympus C-720UZ I used until now.

What I don't like
+) Hot pixels at long time exposures (well but I knew about it before...)

+) surprisingly high Noise at 100 Iso (while noise levels seem to be okay at higher ISO's),

I would have prefered cleaner 100/64 Iso and worse 400/800Iso as I do most of the time nature/Landscape photography where I almost only need to use the lowest Iso settings...

...and last but not least, I've to learn a lot I don't had that much time to try around yet.

Here are first pics:

January Pictures from the Olympus can be found here:

...and some of my animal pictures are already in the current KM-Minichallenge (as it is one of my favourite topics )

Critics and comments are wellcome, as well as suggestions to "cure" my "don't likes"

Greetings to everybody and especially bracket!

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