D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph

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Re: Problems resolved

Julia Borg wrote:

may I ask what was used for lighting?

3200K quarz lights

Sorry, but that answer is wrong. I use 3200K for the reflective target, but for the transmissive I use an old lightbox with 5000K florescent lamps.
I took a picture of the illuminated area to check for uniformity.

any diffusers? was the wedge placed into the window in a black
opaque plate?

I also used DCRaw
with the -h -m -n -3 switches as you suggested and substituted the
green channel into the R and B channels. However, the maximum
density was supoptimal

can you send me the nef?

Certainly. Please post your findings for others to benefit from your experience.

Do you think it is flare or stray light affecting the shadows?

looks like stray light. eliminating it you will probably get more
"high qality" steps resolved. do not know if it is worth any
trouble as essentially the questions are already clearly answered.

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