RATE the DOF (14 RC pics)

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Re: RATE the DOF (14 RC pics)

Hi Kevein
Just a little more.

The problem with A mode for action is that, if you are not watching the display, the camera can choose a shutter speed right down to the limit you have set for min flash setting (usually 1/60). This can result in you shooting away happily and then finding the shutter was at 1/125 or worse, 1/60 etc.

S mode is best for action but you must always be aware of what the camera is doing to the aperture settings and take action when needed to reduce this if it gets to wide (smaller F numbers) you ideally want to stay between f8 to f16 range (unless close and going for max blurr). This will mean either increasing ISO or reducing shutter speed.

If you are confident at hand holding at 1/300 then yes, this gives more wheel blurr.

Also, the pre-focus idea (Daniel) mentioned earlier is a common practice for sports but with model cars, predicting where the car will be can be difficult.

AF-C is probably the best mode as this allows you to shoot even if the focus is not fully locked on (i.e. no green light). If you have enough DOF this technique can grab shots otherwise missed.

Hope this also helps.
Bill Ellingford
Forest of Dean, UK

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