RATE the DOF (14 RC pics)

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Re: RATE the DOF (14 RC pics)

Great shots, as usual, Kevin. Nothing really wrong with them IMHO

Just a suggestion if you're worried about keeping all of the subject in focus ... If you know the size of the subject, and you can set an aperture small enough to cover all of it, would it be worth using "A" mode, and set Auto ISO on (I'm assuming the D50 has this), as the D50 has very good high-ISO performance? This would give you what the camera thinks is the slowest hand-holdable shutter speed at the lowest required ISO value required to give you that aperture. Of course, the danger with this is that you will get a shutter speed that's too fast, and will freeze any panning you're doing to try to induce background blur. Might be worth a try ...

  • I've never used Auto ISO, or done this kind of photography, so take this with a pinch (or mound!) of salt. However, I know that in his nature books, John Shaw advocated using aperture priority mode over shutter priority mode for photographing running cheetas, etc.

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