they eat bats!

Started Feb 5, 2006 | Discussions thread
RJackson Contributing Member • Posts: 976
Re: they eat bats!

Heh...there's a BBQ place in Lutz, FL...which is right outside of Tampa, BTW...anyway, there's this little BBQ shack called Hot Rod's BBQ. When they started up the place it was just a smokehouse that provided BBQ to the deli at the little country store next door. Then they built a little place of their own. I can remember going there and chickens and goats walking around on the tables while I was eating. Anyway, I took a friend of mine from Japan there and the special that day was BBQ bat. They brought him out this BBQ bat on a bed of rice and he's never stopped talking about it. "Remember that time you took me to the Ozzy Osbourne BBQ joint?"

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