RATE the DOF (14 RC pics)

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Re: Very nice....

Hi Kevin

In the example shot of the veedub, the headlight nearest has fair focus as does the spring strut below. The far side is a little OOF but that's fine as this could be a function of motion blurr and to someone viewing the image, it instills a feeling of speed.

In fact, a photo judge would look for sharp focus of the subject but would want to see some signs of motion and some motion blurr. I think this shot meets the criteria.

I agree with Morris, try to get F8 (or maybe even f11) at 1/500 and if necessary, boost up the ISO a bit. I have used ISO 800 at sports matches with the 70-300G lens and achieved some pretty good action shots.

Also, I tend to always set S mode for fast action. Once the shutter speed is set it is easy enough to toggle up or down a bit on the command wheel and watch the Aperture setting in the VF. I'd rather do this than put DOF as my primary concern and use A mode.

If there is any doubt, (you have the D70 I thinK?) use the DOF preview before setting up the shot.

Hope this also helps.
Bill Ellingford
Forest of Dean, UK

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