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Eric Fossum
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A tidbit of history

Some time we will have to do the comparison on two sensors that yield the same MTF.


When we started transferring the CMOS active pixel sensor technology out of JPL to US industry, one of the transferees was National Semiconductor. The principals there were Kevin Brehmer and Dick Merrill. Kevin went on to start his own CMOS sensor company (I forget the name) and soon sold it to Zoran (I think). Dick went and co-founded Foveon with his multi-layer photodiode idea, using the same readout architecture we transferred to National. Getting color information from a stacked multiphotodiode structure is an older idea, but Dick was the first to incorporate it into the CMOS APS architecture. Meanwhile, Carver Mead was on one of the JPL advisory boards and became a good friend and supporter of our CMOS APS work at JPL. Furthermore, their recent VP for Biz Dev was someone I hired and worked with at Photobit. That guy lasted longer than I could at Micron, but eventually left Micron for Foveon. (and now he works for me again). So, you are not going to find me saying too many negative things about Foveon. Good group of guys and I feel I had some influence on its creation. I just hope they can overcome the sensor limitations I refer to so they can be financially successful.

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