** Mini-Challenge #100 - Potential **

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** Mini-Challenge #100 - Potential **

po·ten·tial adj.
1. Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent: a potential problem.
2. Having possibility, capability, or power.

The topic is basically about stored energy: a coiled watchspring, the tensed muscles of a cat's leg just before a pounce, the bulging tire of a dragster at launch, etc. Static depictions of such are NOT acceptable-- for example, a picture of a statue of a sword hanging over Damocles' head would get low marks. The energy does not have to be physical, however: it could be emotional tension, for instance. Be creative!

Sports photos may be a recurring theme, but let me just say that photo after photo of a racket just before impact with a ball will of course be boring, so shake it up. The photo definitely can be at the moment of release, so it can be an action photo; however, the photo must convey the impression of some power WAITING to be unleashed.

Deadline: Saturday, February 18, 12:00 midnight (24:00), US-EST.


The host gives you a topic of interest and you get going. You post your image(s). The host chooses the winner. The decision of the judge (the host) is final. The judge is not eligible. The winner then chooses the next topic, judges the winner, and passes on the baton to that person.

Any picture you've taken is eligible regardless of time taken and camera.

You can do all the post processing you want. However, it is most helpful if you list your camera and lens along with your photo. Feel free to comment on other contestants' images. If you want someone to leave you a piece of constructive criticism, put an asterisk ( ) next to the title of the image.

Here are some guidelines:

When posting your picture, change the Subject of your post to display your name or picture titles. This way, when someone comments (i.e. replies), it will refer specifically to you. If all entries read "Re: Mini Challenge #98"... it will be very boring to scan the list.

Either embed your image in the thread or, if you must, supply a link to it. Keep in mind, however, most people don't want to click to open photos hosted elsewhere (i.e. on your website). Also try and resize your photos prior to posting so they're sized appropriately for viewing without having to scroll ( 650 pixels on the longest side works best.)

And how do you embed a picture? I'm glad you asked:

1. While your photo on Pbase (or any other web site) is open, copy the URL address from the address box on your tool bar, then paste it into your reply thread. Add a .jpg extension to get the photo to show up. Click on preview to make sure it's what you want.


2. Right click on the image in Pbase (or whereever you've hosted it), click on "Properties"..., highlight the link with the .jpg extension on it, and paste it into your message text.

Provide any additional information you want.

As a show of courtesy, and to save bandwidth, please remove the original
post when replying, so you don't bring back any previous photos.

As usual, if you appreciate constructive criticism, put a star ( ) at the end of the subject line of your entry. The challenge begins now and ends on the deadline prescribed above.

You may enter up to three pictures, but try to put them within a single post. Please give a title to each photo... this makes it easier to differentiate when giving comments.

Please size your photo no bigger than 650 pixels on the longest dimension. This is to let those with smaller monitors to see your image at full resolution.

Please limit the size of your entries to conserve bandwidth. 150K or less works well. Again, as a show of courtesy, and to save bandwidth, please remove the original post when replying, so you don't bring back any previous photos.

Most important rule: This is supposed to be fun!!

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