D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph

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Re: Imitest D200 vs David F's Method

Here is a graphical comparison of the Imitest plot versus the plot that David F posted for his D200. NC was used to process the NEF with normal contrast to aRGB for the Imitest procedure.

In the Imitest plot the value for Zone M on the Kodak card (19.95% reflectance, 0.7 optical density) is 132 and David's nominal exposure reads 126 (presumably from an 18% gray card). Zone M is listed as 7 in Imitest. The higher tone values are about the same in both plots, but the shadow values are dramatically different. I conclude that the the rendering is different in David's exposures for low tone values. Perhaps Julia or another expert can comment.

Since I don't have a complete set of values for David's D200, Excel will not connect the markers on the graph where there are gaps in the data points.

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