I'm about to burn a fuse, here...

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I'm about to burn a fuse, here...

Ok, I'll try to put it in as few words as possible.

I own the following equipment:

  • 300D

  • Tokina 12-24/4

  • Tamron 28-75/2.8

  • Tamron 90/2.8

I like to shoot a wide variety of subjects (landscapes, people, macro, wildlife, monuments) at a wide variety of situations (travel, family events, public events).

I'm quite satisfied with my equipment: Tokina is just about what I need for landscapes and monuments, Tamron 90 is perfect for the kind of macro I do, and Tamron 28-75/2.8 does its job well as a walk around lens.

I know, from a long time ago, that I want to do some more wildlife photos and try some different things (sports) and, therefore, I need a longer lens. Since a few months ago, I've also been thinking about selling my Tamron 28-75 and buying Canon 24-105/4L IS, mainly because:

a) I don't use f/2.8 much, so 'downgrading' to f/4 is not a problem (I use flash most of the time I shoot in low light conditions, and I'm considering, in a somewhat distant future, buying a couple of fast primes)

b) the increased range, specially at the long end (I find 75mm too short and I often feel the need for a little more range on a walk-around lens)
c) image stabilization, of course.

As a longer lens, I was thinking about Sigma 100-300/4 mainly because:

a) it has more reach than the usual 70-200 lenses

b) it works well with a 1.4x TC, allowing a FoV of 672mm (on a 300D), which should be quite good for my needs

c) it's very affordable (700 Euros, non DG version which can still be bought in some stores) for what it is - an excellent lens, with a relatively fast aperture and extended range

Before any criticism about my choices, I have to say that I'm only an hobbyist and I don't expect to have any kind of income from photography. Also, I have a house to pay and a son/daughter on its way and I simply can't afford many lenses nor only top of the line lenses, so I need to do some compromises. I can't afford having a long prime exclusively for birding/wildlife AND a tele zoom, so Sigma 100-300/4 seems to do both things reasonably well.

Right now I have + - 1000 Euros to spend on a buy. I expect to achieve in a few months about the same money (selling some unwanted stuff and saving some money), but after that I must reduce my buys - both in frequence and amount of money spent.

I was prepared to buy Canon 24-105/4L IS, but this lens seems to be unavailable in most European online stores. Also, it's a recent lens and I expect its price to drop to around 800/850 Euros in a few months (best prices are near 1000 Euros, right now), so it may be wise to hold its buy for a few months, as I have a good lens that covers (about) the same range.

Today I came across an online store that sells Sigma 100-300/4 (non-DG version) for a very good price. I could get it and a Kenko 1.4x TC DG Pro 300 (which would also be useful for my macro work with Tamron 90), plus shipping costs, for 1000 Euros. The DG version costs, alone, almost that value and I expect non DG version to disappear from stores in a near future.

So now I'm in a dillemma: wait a few weeks for Canon 24-105/4L IS or buy Sigma 100-300/4 + Kenko 1.4x right now? In either case, I'll need to wait, at least, several months before I could afford to buy the other lens.

I want (and need) both lenses, but should I go for the range I don't have yet or should I consolidate (with IS) a range I already have, extending it a little?

And why is it so difficult to make such decisions when we're about to spend money saved for almost a year???

I'd appreciate any input. I'm not expecting anyone to make the decision instead of me, but maybe the choice is easier if someone share their point of view with me. Thank you.

Best regards.

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