D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph

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Re: Can you clarify?

davexl wrote:
Thanks for fleshing that out Bill, but to clarify:

Bill Janes wrote:

Yes, your test does give a perfectly valid test of DR, but in a
photograph with a full dynamic range of exposure values, the tone
curve changes.

and also:

In your zone system analogy, the camera uses a different
development for high and low contrast scenes.

Ok, these statements are what I need you to back up with proof - I
contend that the D200 at Normal tone curve, fixed WB does not do
anything of the sort.


Right now I can't back up with any proof what I have said, since I don't know the transfer curve that the D200 uses for its normal tone curve or whether it is adapatve or not. I suppose it is adaptave of you are using automatic contrast, but probably not with the normal curve. In that case, you should ignore my last comment that you quoted. When I get my step wedge I can do some tests and report back. For some explanation of this topic refer to Norman Koren's web site below and look at the heading under dynamic range.


In the example for the Canon EOS 10D the transfer curve curve is quite different for a Capture 1 conversion and for the Canon software
Bill Janes

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