D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph

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Interesting post, Dave...

and consistent with what I have seen in my use of a D200 and a D70. Even just shooting a gray card (with preset WB, normal contrast curve, and no exposure compensation) the peak of the histogram looks closer to the midline with my D200 than with my D70. This is in-camera processing of the raw data, so nothing to do with NC. I believe your graphs (if not due to a difference in how NC handled the raw data from the two cameras) could explain this. (It could also be due to a difference in meter calibration, which I think would shift the entire input-response curve. But since I seem to have about the same useful dynamic range above the gray card exposure on both cameras -- approximately +3 EV, perhaps even a bit more on the D200 than the D70 -- I don't think it's just a difference in meter calibration.)

I'll be interested to see what other folks find out about this using other (perhaps more sophisticated) test systems, and also if you or anyone else will find the same result repeating what you've done using raw images from the two cameras on the same version of NC.
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