D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph

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Re: Converting 8 bit values to 12 bit...

Guy Swarbrick wrote:

Bill Janes wrote:

One can then take the 0..255 values and convert to 0..4095
by dividing the 0..255 value by 256 and then multiplying by 4096.
To evaluate a greater dynamic range one could use a transmissive
stepwedge or use Dave's method of multiple exposures.

One can, but why would one? All you'll get is 256 discrete values
spread out over a 4096 value number space. You still won't know if
a value of 2048 on one camera is 2040 or 2056 or anything in


I had to convert to 8 bit to convert to jpg and upload to Smugmug. The original image was in 16 bit linear, but Photoshop only uses 15 bits--still enough for the 12 bit output of the camera.

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