D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph

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Re: Give and take... with "same dynamic range"

MMuddler wrote:

Well, perhaps you need to explain that the higher or lighter curve
does give more differentiation in Zone 3 and 4 tones while
presenting a lighter midrange tone but it does so at the expense
(?) of compression in Zones 6 and 7. Real question is whether
people needed/wanted that part of the response curve to be that

Based on my preference for "fixing" the D70, and leaving the D200 pretty much alone, I like the way they are doing things now. Some will disagree.

One "explanation" often given for the dark "0" ev center point for
the D70 used to be that it moved the whole distribution of captured
tones away from the abyss of burnt highlights as a safety measure.
The D200 apparently does the job by compressing Zones 6 and 7.

True, but what I also suspect is that the improved noise performance of the D200 means they can lighten those tones without showing objectionable noise. Noise really is the limiter on DR.

And yes it easier to pop a highlight with the D200. (not knocking the D200 - it was more of a case that the D70 was so damn conservative you really had to work to do it)

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