D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph

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Re: Nice work, but...

it does not take into account the rendering of high contrast scenes by the in camera or NEF converter software. In the process of rendering the image, the camera applies a gamma correction and a tone curve as we all know.

It can also remap out of gamut colors into the shooting space (aRGB, etc) and apply highlight and shadow compression so that a high contrast scene can be displayed or printed. When one photographs a gray card (low contrast) at various exposures, the full effect of the rendering process is not tested. To do this, you would have to photograph a step-wedge such as the Stouffer T4110 and examine the results manually with the Photoshop eyedropper or a program such as Norman Koren's Imitest:


For example, look at his results for the Canon EOS10D by scrolling down several screens in the above link. Has anyone done such a test with the D200?
Bill Janes

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