D200 vs D70 Dynamic Range graph

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Confirms my thoughts and findings

davexl wrote:

Here is my dynamic range test of the D200.
It turns out the D200 has pretty much the same total dynamic range
as the D70, but has a very much lighter midtone and shadow curve -
making more use of shadow detail. The midtone on the D200 is almost
exactly mid-grey. This shows why the +0.3 EV custom curves often
used with the D100/D70 are not needed with the D200.
This is also why you have to learn to expose differently with the
D200 - it does shoot lighter.

Thanks for posting this info and for the hard work davexl !

Comparing shots taken with my D70s and D200 under the same conditions is exactly what you have shown.

Kind Regards
Richard Higgs

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