How many printers do you use ?

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How many printers do you use ?

I now have an HP that does NOT work properly. It has error 1/4 1/3 1/2 the way through of 'this doc. failed to print'. So printing photos is out of the question as I am wasting too much paper. I can get through text OK, just sometimes.

I want to buy the r2400, but will get the less expensive r1800.

My question is, do you have a printer for text and one for photos? The guy at the store said most people wouldn't use the r1800 to print letters ect..., as the ink is too expensive. The ink is sort of expensive, $35 for a 3 pack of each color (Costco) , or $15 each at the store here or on Epson site.

Should I leave both printers hooked up? What do you guys do ? HP is parallel and r1800 will be fire wire.

One more question, does it use all inks in combination to print text or just one of the blacks?

Thanks for your input, Katz

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