5D owners : 50mm f/1.4 or f/1.8 ?

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Gorim wrote:

Petteri Sulonen wrote:

I was just objecting to the silly "$70 lens on a $3000 camera"
argument, not the 50/1.8 vs 50/1.4 argument in particular.

My argument was completely opposite, "A $3000 camera for a $70 lens
Two words switched but totally changes the angle of attack. Its
anti-snobbery, it suggests that a far cheaper camera would be just
as effective.

I see the point, and that does make more sense.

Still, the 5D is jus' 'bout the most affordable camera around that makes old(ish) lenses behave like they're supposed to, which makes it very attractive to a certain type of buyer: the far cheaper camera would not be just as effective for them. I was shooting an AE-1 before I went digital, and would still be shooting it if it were possible to make it digital.

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