5D owners : 50mm f/1.4 or f/1.8 ?

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Re: Snobs will be snobs...

Petteri Sulonen wrote:
Rootbeer wrote:

Since when is something that is of better quality, not "better for
the job"..?

Because it may have other undesirable characteristics. For example,
the 35/1.4L is indubitably better quality than the 35/2.0 -- it's a
stop brighter and much better built, and has some practically
useful features the 2.0 lacks -- but it's not as good for, for
example, street shooting because it's much bigger, heavier, and
more obtrusive. If you have the camera hanging from your wrist all
day and want to bring it up to your eye as quickly as possible, the
weight difference means a quite a lot -- enough to make the
difference between getting a shot and missing it.

Since we are talking about the 50mm f1.8 vs the 50mm
f1.4, the 50mm f1.4 does in fact cost more, and is in fact a better
quality lens, and produces better images. Why would I not want to
have the better of the two for any job?

Because you want to travel extremely light, and feel the 1.4 with
the hood takes up too much space in the bag?

(BTW, I dispute that the 1.4 produces better images. It has more
A-CA, is more flare-prone, and doesn't have as nice bokeh. Sharper
and better color, though. However, there are good reasons to prefer
one set of characteristics over the other.)

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...........Well,...ok....for the example you stated,...some may prefer to have the 35mm f2.0 over the 35mm f1.4..but the 35mm f2.0 is about 200 bucks...and for someone who desires to shoot a spicific shoot that you suggested, shouldn't have too much trouble affording the 35mm f2.0, if they already have the f1.4 L version..

The 50mm f1.4 was being discussed without the hood, like the 50mm f1.8.. seriously,....you're grasping at straws here..


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