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Windows XP

I have read some comments here over the past couple of weeks regarding Windows XP and those wondering whether or not to upgrade. I have bit my tongue as to not start a debate over Microsoft products. We all have our opinions and many with very good reasons. That is not the purpose of this post. I simply want to point out some of the reasons I love XP.

I have been using XP since it's first beta release about 6 months ago. Prior to XP, I had been running Win2k since it's inception. For anyone who had used Win2k, I am sure you will agree that the stability improvements are quite notable. Well, XP is built on the same kernel with many, many more notable improvements.

The new look is super did take some time to adjust to, but if it intimidates you too much you can easily change things to look more like the Windows that you're used to.

To point out a couple of features that I personally enjoy...

Picture viewer....HUGE improvement. Allows you to view thumbnails either within the folder or on the bottom left of the screen. Best of all, folders show 4 tiny thumbnails of what's inside. This can really help in locating photos by group. Search features are also greatly improved.

CD burning capability...The ability to 'drag & drop' files to a cd-rom for backing up. Also, the ability to create music cd's by merely right clicking a music file and sending to writable cd.

Windows Movie Maker...A nice simple utility comparable to Mac's Movie software for easy import, editing, manipulation, etc.

Windows Media Player 8...Very nice improvements...must see!

Easy home networking setup with high bandwidth support.

Best array of drivers ever...sure, this will need updating as new hardware is made, but for me...even plugging in the E-10, XP tells me that the Olympus E-10 has been installed. What more do you need?

Best feature for home users is the ability to switch users without closing down any of your programs/work. Example...spouse wants to check email while you're editing photos, etc...simply select "switch user" and he/she can login, do their thing, logoff, let you log back in and everything you were doing is left untouched. The standby feature (save to memory) actually works too...I love this on the laptop...5 seconds and I'm up.

I won't babble on any longer, but I did want to point out some really good qualities about the new OS. I have been in the computer field for many years and have seen (and even cursed at times) many lame upgrades from Microsoft in their Windows line. Win2k & XP are the only upgrades I've ever felt were worthwhile. My personal recommendation would be to take the leap...even if you swore you wouldn't...I don't think you'll be disappointed.

And I type this post, it has been over 24 days since my system has been rebooted. Still running smoothly :-)--Best Regards...


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