Sigma 300-800 - DG or not?

Started Jan 23, 2006 | Discussions thread
pauljd Junior Member • Posts: 49
Re: Sigma 300-800 - DG or not?

I have the non DG version. I always use a.4 TC with it.

I found a tremendous improvement in picture quality when I changed from a cheap 1.4 TC to the Canon 1.4 11 TC which has coatings.

You may want to search this forum for -Drip- he posted TC results compairing several TC's.

I suspect that to get a benifit of the newer coatings using TC 's that have them probably give the same effect.

The lenses with the new coatings only have a few elements with the coatings to give the desired effect.

There are newer TC 's with the DG coatings that are compatable with a wider range of lenses. The Canon TC is limited to the lenses it can work with and it does work well with my 300-800 signamonster.

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