My analysis about D200 banding

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Re: My analysis about D200 banding

Thomas Comerford wrote:

Thom, what are the implications of that?

I'm still trying to figure out a test I can do to prove some of my hypotheses. But I think the implication is that in light that is towards the very extremes of color temp, you could have very minor exposure changes in your raw data.

Is the raw data being
influenced by the WB setting at the time of exposure? If so, does
that mean you need to be more careful about your WB even when
shooting raw?

I've always said you should be careful about your WB when shooting raw. The classic case is that the histograms the camera presents are based upon the embedded JPEG (or TIFF on some of the older cameras), not the raw data. So when you get the WB wrong, a luminance histogram may not intimate that you might have a blown channel.

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