Is This Backfocusing? (D200 Pics)

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Is This Backfocusing? (D200 Pics)

I'm coming from mainly a film background to the D200 and I'm a little confused with some of my results.

Is there a different way to calculate D200 DOF becaues of its smaller CCD? If not, does this look like my D200 is backfocusing? Or was my aperture just too open? It seems that shooting these same conditions with my F5/F100 would have produced a sharp face and a sharp deer...instead, only the deer is sharp and the face is out of focus.

Shouldn't the girl's face be in focus if I was at 140mm and F4.5 and focused on the deer's face?

Nikon D200
70-200mm AFS VR
Shot at 140mm
Shutter - 1/90 sec
ISO 100
(I focused on the bridge of the deer's nose)

You guys tell me:

Original Image Resized:

100% Crop #1 (Here, you can see the fur is tac sharp)

100% Crop #2 (Here, you can see her face is out of focus, but the horns are sharp)

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