5D owners : 50mm f/1.4 or f/1.8 ?

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Re: 5D owners : 50mm f/1.4 or f/1.8 ?

Robin P wrote:

Does the fact that the 5D is a full frame camera change anything
(except for a wider angle than the 20D/350D of course) ? Are there
little problems on either lens that would be more visible with a
full frame camera ?

I owe you a deep apology. I didn't read your first posting that shows you already have good L glass. Pretty much what I said so far is moot and irrelevant now.

But, I can talk about the 50/1.4 on 5D full-frame - it vignettes horribly. Its prone to front or back focusing (i.e. bad copies) when bought from the store. In fact, many on these forums recommend not taking ones chances on returning for a better copy, but instead having canon service calibrate it to the camera.

The 50/1.4 became my least use prime. I will use it even far less now that I have a 5D. Its currently scheduled for resale.

I would only use 50/1.4 on a crop camera. Even on that there is slight potential for very minor vignetting.

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