5D owners : 50mm f/1.4 or f/1.8 ?

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Re: Why skimp?

yawnbox wrote:

I don't wish to brag, but I love the choices I made. The 50mm was
an excellent starter lens, and I can only become a better, more
experienced photographer, right? Especially with the expansion of
my lenses. See, i'm an IT 'nerd' and w/o a good
motherboard/chipset, the processor won't ever perform as well.
Photography, much like everything else in life, is comprised of a
complete system of many things, not just a good lens

I am an IT nerd too. Even more, most of my job is cost-benefit analysis of technologies, network/system architecture planning, and project management. I humbly assert that you have misidentified the key components that bring the most benefit in photography. the camera body probably has the least impact on quality images. Certainly alot less than the glass.

The reason being, and this is especially true with respect to the current canon DSLR line, is that the price premium of the 5D over the 20d does not get you correspondingly better pictures. The 20d does not produce any worse pictures than a 5d. At best, the 5d has some features that let you eke out a tad more performance in tight situations such as low light. Megapixels ? Smegapixels! Pixels aren't worth that much anymore.

And your analogy is flawed. In photography, the processor isn't in the camera, its in your head. The lens is your I/O (one way) and if you skimp on that, well, it really impacts the data (light image) getting into your DMA controller.

The best advice I ever got starting out in photography was "skimp on the body and get the best glass you can afford." So I got a cheap (but current) canon DSLR and got lots of good glass to start with. Looking back, I would have been very disappointed if I went the opposite way, even if initially I would have thought I was happy.

More best advice is "good equipment won't make you a better photographer".

But I will leave you with this, ignoring all philosophy, and what I would do or you should do, and just say:

Skill aside, on purely technical terms, and improving your photography skills, the 5d doesn't do any more for you than a 20d or 350d, etc... In fact, due to your limited funds, you probably hampered yourself by skimping in the wrong place, on the lens rather than the body.

But hey, its your money and your cost-benefit analysis. I won't debate any more because its really all about your satisfying yourself. If you are happy and satisifed with your investment, I am the one who is wrong, not you, and it wouldn't be my place to argue the point anymore than this.

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