Sony in, Minolta out, no worries, good for everyone

Started Jan 19, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Hello Samsung! Your right

Roger wrote:

This is the company that's going to walk all over the rest to get
to Canon. Samsung was making Sony monitors and HDTV. Their big,
very big and now they have their own lens mount, the K mount.
According to their press releases they'll have a Pro level camera
out around summer or before the end of the year that will sell for
less than $1700.00. I'll bet you their service is better than
Roger J.

They are big but it is Pentax's lens mount. The design so far has been pretty much Pentax. The next 2 joint venture cameras may have more input from Samsung and will also be available as a Pentax or Samsung. The current Samsung model is available as a Pentax *istDS2.

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