So (K)M is dead - long live (K)M - what forum now?

Started Jan 21, 2006 | Discussions thread
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We should face this dilemma quite earlier....

JonathanCalvert wrote:

With no future in Minolta I look back at my other cameras. I have
Nikon, Olympus and Canon. Recently I got a SonyEricsson K750i
Camera phone too. I never really rated Sony but the K750i is really
good. ...............
Mmmm - the kids are going to have to watch out. Daddy is going to
go Nikon...the colours are so smooth, the options are wide and
varied and at the end of the day - they are more in tune with
Photographers than the photocopying (Canon) alternative!

Jonathan, I faced the same dilemma quite earlier, when Minolta changed their mount to enter the AF age, leaving me with no less than seven rokkor lenses and four bodies! And since I believe that this kind of behaviour must be punished, there was no way I would buy a new Minolta! My only options were Nikon and Pentax, who stood by their customers keeping the same lens mount, and from these I chose the first.

In other words, what I believe is that we should face this dilemma at an earlier stage, since the story is usually repeated, sooner or later. My honest opinion.......

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