Snapfish vs. Shutterfly - Test Results

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Re: Snapfish vs. Shutterfly - Test Results

I just got my Shutterfly photos in the mail. Some 4x6's and 5x7's. I have to say, these may be the best quality prints I've gotten from any online printing service. For me, it was certainly better than Snapfish, which was the worse by far in my case. I think a major factor is that I post-process all my photos to exactly how I want it, and I think Snapfish tends to disagree with me and applies a ton of their own PP afterwards. I turned off VividPics for the Shutterfly test (and probably should've turned it on for some extra samples).

Here're my results:


  • My Winkflash samples were the best up until now, but I could see some very thin lines the printers made, especially in the faces where the forehead comes up to the hair. But only if you looked very carefully, and were unnoticable once I put them into my photo album. The lines themselves looked very "digital-like." The colors and sharpness were very nice. Some of the faces were a little desaturated compared to my pro-lab, but nothing severe enough to really notice. I always insist on white borders, and all of the photos were off-center in this regard.



  • Very very smooth printing. Just as smooth as my pro-lab, I would say. So smooth in fact, that some photos were noticably unsharp, haha. The colors were great, and I could only tell a difference when compared side to side with my pro-lab photos, and mostly in the yellow hues. Shutterfly seems to gravitate towards that part more. My monitor is calibrated, and some of the orange hues I saw on my screen were duplicated correctly in my pro-lab photos, but went towards a more (natural looking) yellow hue in my Shutterfly pics. In this case, I was just lazy in post-processing and the Shutterfly colors were actually more true to life, haha. A lot of my prints seemed to have been lightened, however, esepcially in my silhouette photos. I didn't like this, since it took away from my intended effect. The white borders were also all printed crooked on my 4x6's with Shutterfly. The white borders on the 5x7's, however, were spot-on.



  • Didn't like it. I really do think it's because of the auto-processing. The contrast was completely blown out of proportion and the saturation looked awful. Every print had a severe yellowish tinge, something that showed up clearly in my photo of a white teddy bear. The prints themselves also felt too "dry," as I like the slightly slippery feel of glossy prints. Yes, these were "glossy" prints. They also took away all the white borders I applied in their website, except for 2 of them, both of which weren't actually white borders as I didn't ask for them to be in those cases.


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