Milk meets Coffee (6 high speed splashes)

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Milk meets Coffee (6 high speed splashes)

…or as high speed as this set-up allowed.

Hi Everyone,

This was, without a doubt, THE most difficult series I’ve done up to now. If I thought that getting the lighting right on the light bulbs was difficult – boy, that was nothing compared to this I wrestled for hours with the set-up getting everything as right as possible, then, suddenly, I got exactly the type of splash that I’d been patiently waiting for – hopelessly over-exposed and the sharpness left a lot to be desired, but I got it ! I knew then that, with a bit of fine tuning, it would be possible to do these with the equipment I have.

The biggest problem was getting the coffee colour bright enough without blowing the white of the milk. Then getting this type of splash (which can’t be seen by the naked eye). The background was another problem – it looks so messy in some of the shots.

I made the area around the cooker in my kitchen into a makeshift soft box to get as much even light as possible. Equipment as usual (see last pic.): D70 / Nikkor 60 mm micro / SB-800 / slave flash / 2 desk lights etc. f16/500th s.

I used a syringe (without the needle) from our local Chemist to drop the milk from. This gave me more freedom of coordination than a pipette would have. Used either a cup or a glass bowl and a LOT of coffee

I’d have loved to have the coffee looking the same in each shot – but consistency was the one thing that didn’t exist this time and I had to take what I got. Put the rest of the “showable ones” on my pbase gallery.

Really hope you like these. Any comments would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

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