18-200 VR Shipping?

Started Jan 12, 2006 | Discussions thread
Stamper24 Regular Member • Posts: 115
Re: 18-200 VR Shipping?


Yes, I did get the standard “that lens orders will be shipped in the order they were received” response. This was last week when back in November I was told it would be in by late December. Also, this response was after numerous people here saying they ordered in December or early January and received their lens already. I didn’t want to think this as I used to have high regard for Adorama (I bought my D70 and 18-70mm kit from them) but it looks like they shipped the lens to the people who ordered at the higher price and left the original people who order early at the lower price out in the cold.

As I stated before, I’ve tried to look else where for this lens (even at my local small camera shop) but now everywhere seems to be sold out.

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