So (K)M is dead - long live (K)M - what forum now?

Started Jan 21, 2006 | Discussions thread
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JonathanCalvert Regular Member • Posts: 105
So (K)M is dead - long live (K)M - what forum now?

So Konica have dealt the death blow...Minolta is dead...long live Minolta.

Where are you all headed? What forum...

With no future in Minolta I look back at my other cameras. I have Nikon, Olympus and Canon. Recently I got a SonyEricsson K750i Camera phone too. I never really rated Sony but the K750i is really good.

I like the look of the Nikon D200 but - phew - it is expensive. Maybe I have to sell the kids for medical research...

The Canon D20...nice, but a bit of an "also ran" choice... kit lenses are so "last year"... photocopier heaven...D30?....D1/D10?

Olympus are raising their game but their DSLRs are always at the edge of the field - snag is their exposures are always SO GOOD!

Kodak - mmm - no.

Sigma - Na...Foveon, Polaroid... still to convince me.

Mmmm - the kids are going to have to watch out. Daddy is going to go Nikon...the colours are so smooth, the options are wide and varied and at the end of the day - they are more in tune with Photographers than the photocopying (Canon) alternative!


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