Buy a quad now???

Started Jan 11, 2006 | Discussions thread
kaholt Regular Member • Posts: 144
Re: Dual core not so much...

Well, Fedex is delivering my new Quad this afternoon, so I'm pretty excited.

What I am really looking forward to as much as single applicaiton benchmarks is the much smoother multitasking that additional processors provide. For example on my single CPU machine today, when I go to print something from say PS my whole machine is locked up and basically I have to go find something else to do away from the computer until the print is done.

With the Quad, I fully expect to be able to sort images in Aperture, print from Photoshop, and still manage to check email, etc., all at the same time without any lag or lack of responsiveness in the UI.

If I find my experience is less than I expect I'l certainly post that back to this forum in a couple of days once I get everything up and running again on the new machine.

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