5D - Seeking owners advice...

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5D - Seeking owners advice...

At the moment one of the camera stores I frequently buy some of my gear from has got a very interesting offer for the KM 5D.

basically they just have lowered the pirce down to about the same as I'd pay in the cheapest online-store... but are willing to still trade in some of my old gear.
all in all I'd pay arround 400 US$ for the KM 5D including the kit-lens.

Back in the film-days I used to photograph with my F80 and F100 (The F100 and most lenses (which I rarely used) I did sell when I needed some cash due to some unexpected financial setbacks)...
I kept the F80 (as I loved it for my travell stuff) and two lenses...

Shortly after I got a Oly 5050 from a friend... which was my first Digital camera... whilst not a bad cam, I never got arround the fact that it wasn't an SLR... slow... and anything above Iso 200 was pretty much useless.

Anyways, long story short:

I'm in for a DSLR ... but originally I've planed to wait some more monthes until the Nikon D200 drops a bit in price and is better available at the stores...

I'm not a professional photographer... I don't earn direct money from my photography, but I like to shoot, and have been doing so for almost two decades.

Meaning, as it is a hobby, I have to say that whilst compared to similiar cameras the d200 is sold with an "interesting" price-tag it is not actually little money.
I don't have any lens-lineup which would bind me to a brand.
and I'm not a brand-loyalist either.

What I like about the 5D besides the actual price

  • Image Stab. (I do a lot of light weight backpacking/travelling,... and often had to skip on the tripod... a few more f-stops often would have "saved the day").

  • Size, it's compact enough... but still comfortable to hold (I like the feel of it...) personally I looked into the eos 350d too but the grip was not to my likings at all).

  • big viewfinder (at least closer to 97%).

Now to my "personal" concerns:

  • Battery life... as the LCD sees more use as it doubles as status display, how good is battery life? how many shots can you get done (withotu flash) on an average?

  • Speed ... no not shutter-speed ... but lag, and off to on timing...

this is what I truly HATE about my Oly5050 it takes too long to power up and is slow whilst focusing and has quite some shutter-lag...

I missed a good number of candids due to this, thus this being an area which is of great concern to me...

problem being I did handle the camera, but the battery was empty, so I had no chance to get a feel for this.

At the moment my list includes the KM 5d, the Nikon D70s (which I have been shooting with, as a friend has one), and the D200...

the D70s is not in the local stores at the moment and nikon seems to have some troubles delivering them within reasonable time.
besides it's still quite a bit above the price I'd pay for the 5D.
The D70 does do almost anything I want, so I know it'd be a good cam.

The d200... on the far "upper" price level for me....

Online-buying is btw. out of question... I'm not in the US and thus ordering from "overseas" is not only more expensive, but includes some specific "warranty issues". besides I prefer to pay a bit more and be able to handle the camera I gonna take home eventually... so to check it for minor defects right there in the store.

(I know for some of you guys this may sound silly, but I had my share of bad luck with online-bought goods...)

what you think?

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