Freedom from harrassment

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Re: Freedom from harrassment

That would be Spencer Tunik (New York native)... did you also catch the part about how many times he's been arrested and harassed (mainly stateside)???

Some of the larger "crowds" that he's photographed were very well planned and all the necessary permissions were obtained prior to the shoot (Toronto and Sydney for example). When he photographs individuals, it's mostly "guerrilla photography" where the subject jumps out of the car (or hiding place), Mr. Tunik snaps a couple of shots and make tracks!

I recently had an incident photographing my own vehicle in a public parking lot; the parking attendant called local cops, because of my "suspicious" behavior with an expensive looking camera. I spent 30 minutes explaining that someone took out my tail-light while my car was parked there! The irony was the officer more interested in my taking photos than someone damaging my car and taking-off!

90% of my work is studio based... and thankfully so; after the horror stories I've heard from a few colleagues (who happen to be architectural photogs and a couple of photo journalists), not to mention the incident above, I'd rather NOT put myself in a situation where I need to explain myself to anyone for exercising my rights! You'll be surprised how much of a difference in attitudes there can be based on geography!

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