Photographing at the limit

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Photographing at the limit

Hi guys,

perhaps you remember that one of my main points for the A2 was that I wanted to take photos in dark churches and museums. Thanks to my steady hand, anti-shake and the reasonably good high ISOs, a lot of photos in this environment came out really nicely. Recently I was on holiday in Spain and took photos of the cathedral in Málaga. At some parts it was so dark that I had to raise the ISOs to 800 and take 3 photos in a row so one of them is sharp. Of course these pictures are very noisy; but with NeatImage I got some good results. My main problem is sharpening afterwards; Photoshop creates quite a bit of noise when I use unsharp mask - is there a way around that?
Well, here are 3 photos which were taken in the cathedral:
ISO 400, 1/4 of a second:

ISO 800, 1/3 of a second; not a lot of sharpening:

same photo with more sharpening:

and now the most amazing one: 1/10 of a second, ISO 800, 200mm!

What I find amazing is that the stabilizer helps so much. I compared a DSLR and the A2. Let's say we're using the D50 with the kit lens (18-55, 3,5-5,6) in a church environment and the A2.

In most cases, the A2 is a stop more sensitive (thanks to the GT-Lens), of course gets about 2 stops through the stabilizer and uses, let's say, ISO 200. For the D50 to achieve the same result, it would have to raise its ISOs to 1600, which produces more noise than the A2 at ISO 200. Also, should you have to raise the ISOs at the A2 to 400 or 800, the D50 has no equivalent to that; not to forget the lack of depth of field with open apertures at DSLRs. So, at least in this department, the A2 is better than a cheap DSLR with bad optics.

I would be most pleased if you could find a way to sharpen my ISO 800 pictures without creating too much more noise.

Greetings and thanks,


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