Tin Hau Temple (6 pics F11)

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Tin Hau Temple

Hi HP,

I still have photo's from this temple when I was there in spring 1999 (all 35mm rangefinder - no digital camera at the time). I always like these old parts of HK, they are a stark contrast to the urban technoviews of today. Next time i'm in HK (should be this year sometime) I plan to make more time to walk around these historic places.

I had a few interesting compositions where 'old' and 'new' were shown in harmony (such as an old temple with skyscrapers in the background), and also some where 'old' things look as though they are lost, or smothered, by the ever expanding city (such subjects are found down the smaller streets, or in the developing areas north of Kowloon).

I like the way you have managed to capture the prayer sticks with a gentle breeze, particularly No.6 as I think it works better without the people in the background (No's 4 & 5).

My apologies for starting a bombardment of questions on your Red Lanterns post.



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