Randomness Personified [10 pics]

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Randomness Personified [10 pics]

Hey guys,

It's been a very busy few weeks for me and now that things have finally calmed down I thought I'd share some of my recent shots.

On another note, my photoblog ( http://thedailyexposure.com ) has somehow made it into the finals of the Best of Blogs Awards in the category of Best Art/Photography/Poetry blog. If you'd like to vote for it, or any other blogs for that matter, then please feel free to visit the link below:


I'm not expecting much so any votes would be very much appreciated!



  1. 1 – Starry, Starry Night

I was away with friends over the New Year period and we stayed at a cottage in Coldingham, near Eyemouth. One night I went outside to fetch some coal for the fire and was completely amazed by the intensity of the stars – it was absolutely spectacular. We were staying in quite a remote area so there wasn't much light pollution from the surrounding areas. I just had to go out and take some pictures! I was amazed at how still the boat stayed considering it was a 9 minute exposure.

  1. 2 – It's the end of the world as we know it!

This one was taken on the same night as the first one. I ended up taking so long in getting my composition right that some clouds rolled in and obscured my view of the stars! It wasn't a complete disaster though, as the glow from the lights of a farm in the distance illuminated the clouds quite well. I also used my SB-800 and fired off about 15 flashes during the exposure to illuminate the hut and trees. See here for more info about the shot: http://thedailyexposure.blogspot.com/2006/01/its-end-of-world-as-we-know-it.html

  1. 3 – Coldingham Bay

I don't know how I managed to stumble across this beauty of a bay, but I'm glad I did! There were loads of rocks like this jutting out of the water – so many in fact that it made it very difficult to decide which ones to focus on.

  1. 4 – Lindisfarne Castle

I had seen a few pictures of this castle before and really wanted to get a nice shot of it. It's an amazing place, and definitely worth a visit if you're ever nearby. Unfortunately when we got there the weather was completely overcast and all of my shots came out looking very dull and boring. But I saw that the sky was clear in the distance and so went for a wander to kill some time. About 45 minutes later and the sun came out! You have to drive over a causeway to get to the castle which is actually on Holy Island and I only had about 20 minutes left before the tide was going to come in. So I literally ran to this spot, which I had noticed earlier, and snapped off a few shots before quickly running back to my car. This one was taken with my Hoya R72 infra red filter.

  1. 5 – Loch Ard

I actually found this one when going through my archives a few nights ago. I can't remember why I passed it by the first time round, but I thought that it was perhaps worthy of a second chance. I took it back in the summer on one of my trips to the Trossachs. Another example of when infra red saves the day – my normal colour shots of the same scene were very flat looking as a result of the overcast sky.

  1. 6 – Monty

My first experience of shooting pets! I took this shot for a "client" (I use that word very loosely!) who assured me that the old dog would sit very still and pose for me. Yeah right! The little guy was like a duracell rabbit, and I kept having to run after him. Because the light wasn't great most of my 150 shots taken came out blurry. This was the only shot that I liked and it was quite incredible that it was my last shot of the day. The lady was delighted with the shot in the end, so it made it all worthwhile.

  1. 7 – University of Glasgow

I went back home for Christmas and visited my old university on the way. I just missed the sunset so got a few night shots instead. This one was taken in one of the quadrangles, with the Kelvingrove Art Gallery being framed in the distance.

  1. 8 – Main Building

A somewhat rare clear night in Glasgow, so I thought I'd get a shot of the main building of the university with some stars in the sky. I would have like to have gone for a star trail shot, but before I knew it they switched on the spotlights to illuminate the building – the dynamic range was just too much for my camera. Maybe next time…

  1. 9 – Star Gazing at Night

I wandered up to Carlton Hill one day just as the sun was setting and took some pictures looking down Princes Street. The sun went below the horizon and it should really have been time for me to pack up and go home – it's not really the kind of place you want to be when it's dark. But just as I was leaving I saw this scene and knew it had to be photographed! There seemed to be a perfect balance of ambient and artificial light, which was coming from the street below. I used a 9 minute exposure and was amazed by the colours that resulted.

  1. 10 – Into the Mist

I was fortunate enough that this entry won first place in last fujimugs open challenge, Nature in Black and White. I was driving past Glasgow airport and noticed that the mist was beginning to gather in the distance. I couldn't pass this opportunity by so turned my car around and made use of my newly acquired 3 stop grad ND filter. See here for more details:

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