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Re: oops..meant to say

JC JC wrote:

turtile1 wrote:

Yes, it will move all the files into one area so that the seek
times go down for the hard drive.

So what my friend told me is incorrect:
"When windows is installed, it spreads the files out on the disc in
an optimal fashion. Defragging oftenl clumps the files
together...not in an optimal way."

I'm afraid so. Your friend misinformed you.

You should defrag the disk routinely to maintain good performance, and that's from Microsoft as this direct quote from the Microsoft support site affirms:

"Disk Defragmenter MMC is based on the full retail version of Executive Software Diskeeper. The version that is included with Windows XP and later provides limited functionality in maintaining disk performance by defragmenting volumes that use the FAT, FAT32, or NTFS file system."

I actually bought Diskeeper mainly so that I can set it to do its own thing to keep the drives in good shape automatically, it's worked flawlessly for many months. Prior to that I used the Microsoft free version which doesn't do such a good job and is much slower.

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